Just got my Orange Cup and did show and tell

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Just got my Orange Cup and did show and tell

Post  Kammioderin on Thu Mar 25, 2010 5:05 pm

So a couple weeks ago I won an auction for an Orange Cup on Ebay. I gave it a week and then I've been obsessively checking my mail in hopes that it would be there. This morning I got ready and came to work and my boyfriend sent me a message saying he got some mail for me, two packages came and he thinks it's some of that new "girly issues stuff" that I have been waiting on. Being the wonderful boyfriend he is, he came and took me to lunch while bringing me the packages that arrived, my Orange Cup and some cloth liners that I also bought on Ebay.

I got a chance to show the girls at work a cup and got to play show and tell with them. Two of the girls here have been having horrible periods so when I told them that last cycle I barely had any cramps and no huge bleed through messes to deal with (even overnight) they got pretty interested. It was nice to have a fresh, not been used cup for them to touch and play around with a bit so they wouldn't feel odd playing with a used one. They liked the fact that it's not obviously a "feminine product" and they thought the little bag it came with was adorable. One girl here had a slight reaction at first to the blood being collected instead of absorbed but when I told her I had bigger messes using a tampon vs the cup she had a lightbulb moment where she realized that unlike a tampon, you are touching the outside or the "clean side" of the cup and there's not a lot of blood to be touched. I've given a couple of them some Insteads that I had leftover so they can get an little bit of an idea and I think at least one of them is probably going to buy a cup.

Yay for educating other women!

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Re: Just got my Orange Cup and did show and tell

Post  Melissa569 on Fri Mar 26, 2010 12:39 am

Sounds like you had a great day! And how sweet of your bodyfriend to bring you your packages Smile

Its so wonderful when people are willing to listen to a new idea. I can't tell you how many times 10 people would be willing to give a cup a chance, but there would always be that one person off to the side who is just determined to continue believing that anything reusable is "dangerous" or "disgusting". Or just the idea of the blood being in a cup is.

I'm not really sure how to catch their ear, lol. Because cups are clean and safe (more so than tampons and pads). Like Teresa from femininewear said, people think that because a pad/tampon is "white" that its clean. Well, that's not actual cleanliness making it white-- its chemicals. lol

All we can do is hope that if we keep putting the informtion out there, more and more women will grow to love cups, and the rest will follow Smile

Thank you for sharing!


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