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About IrisCup

Post  Admin on Sat Apr 03, 2010 8:09 am

NOTE: I do not yet own this brand, I am simply offering some information until I can possibly get one for reviews/videos. I emailed the company for permission to use a photograph from their website, so I am awaiting word on that.

About IrisCup:

IrisCup is another new brand of menstrual cup, from Spain. The website is in Spanish, but of course Google Translate can take care of that:


It comes in both large and small sizes, and in 2 colors: Clear and pink. The storage pouch is white with red lettering, and the box is white, pink and blue. No word yet on dimensions or capacity, I will have to search the website more, and perhaps ask the company.

It appears to resemble the Ladycup, or possibly the Yuuki cup. It also appears on the photos that the suction release holes may be a bit lower, and the stems are hallow. I cannot tell if there are grip rings on the stem or base yet, I would need to see a closer picture.

But this looks like yet another lovely brand!

Here is a menstrual cups.org discussion about IrisCup from when I first posted there in regards to it:


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Re: About IrisCup

Post  Feminine Wear on Fri Apr 23, 2010 3:17 am

The Iriscup is so similar to the Ladycup that I have been told that I can't sell it or I face legal action :-(
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