What about theft?

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What about theft? Empty What about theft?

Post  glendatutt on Tue May 18, 2010 2:48 am

Hello girls
I received a lovely email from a client who had purchased my MPowercup and had met me at an event where I was the guest speaker and launching Karabo. She praised my business sense and my drive and my passion blah blah in a well written informed style. She then went on the say she could not believe that I had overlooked one huge fundamental aspect of the MPowercup vision and the practical side of MPowerment. Alarm bells went off and my pulse increased-what had I missed?? This could not be??
She told me that as the MPowercup is an item of high value huh??, R265 (pretty much a meal out for two in a restaurant), and a 5 year plan for sanitary ware
Ok then............... I had some ideas
I could install a tracker chip device in each cup so that you could phone the call centre and I'll tell you where your cup is at all times Embarassed
I could install a 'scream' sound each time you removed your cup, or it was removed from you in shall we speculate, a queue in a store!!!!!
I would appreciate some of your input here ladies-perhaps I will offer a free MPowercup posted to you for the best solution that I get. Come on, let those ideas roll freely to me. Yes, an MPowercup on offer for the most inventive solution. Very Happy


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What about theft? Empty Re: What about theft?

Post  Melissa569 on Tue May 18, 2010 6:49 am

Ooooh yes, cups DO get stolen, hahaha. I've heard at least 5 different accounts of it. One girl even got caught shoplifting one in Europe, and an employee of the store (a man) made a youtube video about it, sort of poking fun at the situation... And the few lady friends I have who know abotu my cups, whenecver they come over, they talk about the cups, and then "ask if they can use my bathroom", probably hoping to find one, lol. But cleverly, I hide mine in a different part of the house Smile

As for how to handle theft... I think it would be a bit flattering to be producing a product that people valued enough to want to steal, lol. But of course, its not fair to the owners who bought and paid for them.

Perhaps you could offer a new line of "anti-theft" pouches-- designed in such a way that makes a snoop not want to touch it... For example, take a look at this page that offers a special kind of zip lock baggie (colored to look like mold is growing inside it) to keep people from steaking your lunch:


Hehehe, I have an odd sense of humor in that area Smile. But you have to admit, those people had a creative idea...

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What about theft? Empty Re: What about theft?

Post  Guest on Tue May 18, 2010 9:50 am

Yeah, perhaps a special sort of cup case that is breathable for your cup that has a number combination lock like a bike lock that has four wheels containing digits of 1-9 and each case has a four-digit combination that comes with it or you can find a way for people to set their own so that they could remember easier.

Anyways, you turn the four wheels so that the combination lines up at the center of where it unlocks.

This bike lock has the locking mechanism that I'm talking about. I like it because it's easy to use.



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What about theft? Empty Re: What about theft?

Post  Feminine Wear on Tue May 18, 2010 3:31 pm

As in your video, Glenda, if you wear it round your neck when not in use - let them try and steal it!! Now when you're using it...that may be a bit more difficult! Very Happy
Feminine Wear
Feminine Wear

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What about theft? Empty Re: What about theft?

Post  Sekhmet on Tue May 18, 2010 4:43 pm

Hmm.. the only way I can think of to really help with this is to include some kind of... "cup insurance" that covers theft, haha. Of course, in all likelihood, the insurance would eventually cost more than buying a new cup since cups aren't TOO expensive. Most cases of theft I've heard of usually have the thief getting the cup accidentally. For example, someone snatching a purse that happened to have someone's cup inside of it, etc.

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What about theft? Empty Re: What about theft?

Post  Kammioderin on Tue May 18, 2010 8:01 pm

The only things I could think of is maybe a pull alarm type thing (personal safety alarm) that you could attach to a cord on the bag so that if it were pulled it would make a noise, or some way to stamp/tattoo/engrave a "If found, please return to:" space on the cup.

I'm guessing the theft wouldn't be from the woman's body, that would be more than a theft in my opinion. So finding an extra little security measure that you could offer would be interesting. I think that since you are trying to keep your cups affordable (though on the upside of affordable) I would think that a tracking chip would be quite expensive in the long run. Adding a paragraph in the instructions to keep the cup in a safe and secure place might also help. Or even a longer cord that can be tied somehow to the inside zipper of a purse so that it isn't removed easily from there.

Just tossing out some ideas there.

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What about theft? Empty Re: What about theft?

Post  TantrumSock on Wed May 19, 2010 9:21 pm

Are we talking stolen from the store or stolen from the owner?

From the store is as simple as an anti theft alarm that goes off at the door. Or you could have them in a locked display behind a counter where an employees has to get it for you and check you out. That would probably be bad for sales though, people can be weird about cups already.

From the owner is a little trickier.
My idea was make a case that looks like a big ol' maxi pad, You would probably have to squish the cup a little, and it would take some creativity to make it look convincing, but i think it would be funny =)
Make a flattened rectangle. You could have stiff plastic or cardboard on two sides and the others could be cloth (so it would be breathable). Or you could have something flat and stiff to put in the cup to hold it in a slightly flattened shape. Generally people wouldn't want to steal a pad (I don't think).

Or you could wear it the whole time you are out of the house.

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What about theft? Empty What about theft

Post  Thuli26 on Mon Mar 14, 2011 4:16 am

I am very curious to know wherther or not you have found a solution for this theft problem Wink ?

The Cup is pretty affordable and I think if we start adding security alarms and other things to it, we would turn a beautiful and simple concept into a monster of a complex situation. So ladies, the same way we can keep our most expensive and beautiful lipstick away from the "borrowers" lets do it with the cups!! Laughing

I dare someone to steal my Cup that has been in use for almost 2 and a half years now, hahahaha!! Goodluck!

Happy Cupping!!!!!


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What about theft? Empty Re: What about theft?

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