Welcome! Feel Free To Jump Right In.

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Welcome! Feel Free To Jump Right In.

Post  Admin on Sat Nov 14, 2009 8:51 am

This is the perfect place to chat about whatever topics you want, related to menstrual cups-- any time you feel like it. There is no posting limit, provided you post in the appropriate thread, your posts comply with the rules (please read the "Rules And How-To" post), and the number of posts are within reason Smile .

I encourage all members to fill out their profile (click on "profile" at the top of the page), to start new posts, and most of all to just have fun here. I hope this turns out to be a great hangout for everyone, as well as a great resource!


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Post  nickerockers on Mon Nov 30, 2009 6:33 pm

hey I was thinking,
Can we have a section for amusing cup stories? Dont know if you would want it under general discussion or whatever, but its just a thought. Sometimes it helps to be able to laugh at things, or to read humourous stories to cheer you up.

Just thought it might be nice Very Happy

btw, my femmecup has turned up and I started using it yesterday! I'll review when my period is done, but so far VERY happy... but thats what got me onto thinking about this - I'm suprised I'm doing so well with it, and removal is a breeze. While removing it, I was thinking about how I got a slightly larger than medium cup, and I can easily remove it using a couple of my fingers, and I quietly lamented how much room I have, consideing I'm 23, no kids, and have had nothing but tampons or myself in there for over a year now.... and that led me to thinking about this article:


(i hope the link worked properly)

that then led to me going on an imagination tangent, visualising my vagina as a giant creature roaming the earth looking for friends.

which amused me.

That, and the fact that now when I insert my cup I imagine my Vag saying "OM NOM NOM NOM NOM" as the cup goes in.

So anyhow, after that rambling, what I guess I'm asking is would you be able to make an "amusing stories" section, or would it be best to just post in a new thread under general discussion or is it just me who's interested in sharing/reading these sorts of stories?

- Nic


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Re: Welcome! Feel Free To Jump Right In.

Post  Melissa569 on Tue Dec 01, 2009 1:31 am

Actually, I think it just might be a good idea, because we could all use a laugh or even just something kind of "wow! I know how she feels..." during our period. That was one of the biggest reasons for me making this forum-- so we could just say anything and everything that comes to mind about cups, weather we're making a big point or not, and even some off topic discussion with our fellow cup users, whenever we feel like it Smile

I added the new thread, its just below General Discussion... Thank you for the idea!


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Another suggstion

Post  Newbie on Fri Mar 19, 2010 3:07 am

I was wondering, could someone post a picture of a menstrual cup next to an average tampon? I don't own a cup yet, and I'd like to know how large they are.


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Re: Welcome! Feel Free To Jump Right In.

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