Converted Another Friend!

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Converted Another Friend!

Post  Melissa569 on Thu Jun 10, 2010 12:05 am

One of my old high school friends (Crystal) contacted me a while back, saying that she was researching laternative menstrual products-- when she stumbled across my videos and blog! Haha, of all the people who could find it! But I'm glad she did.

At the time, I had 2 small, yellow *sample* ladycups. I mailed her one, so she could see what cup use is like, and let her know that the sample may not last. But she really wanted to try one, so...

She just sent me a message on facebook today, here's what it said:

" Ok so I have to say thank you!!! I finally got around to trying that cup u sent me forever ago! Lol! Don't know why I took so long, but I love it!!!!! Thanks and I hope it lasts a while cuz I don't have the money to buy another one! It was so easy to use!!!!!!! Thank u thank u thank u!!!!"

I couldn't be more proud that she gave it a shot and it worked. I also invited her to stop by here if she needed support. If she wants to be anonymous, that's ok. But I hope she does drop by some time Smile

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Re: Converted Another Friend!

Post  testina_blu on Thu Jun 10, 2010 7:49 am

It's wonderful when you have positive feedback from friends about something that you consider really good! When I started using the cup, I kept speaking about it with my best friend. In the end I stopped beacuse she thought the cup system to be grossy, and I was afraid to put her off. But some days ago, out of blue, she told me "You talked so much about those cups that maybe I'll give it a try". I was so happy!

I hope your friend will join us on the forum. Smile

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