Ugh... Where is my period?? lol

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Ugh... Where is my period?? lol

Post  Melissa569 on Wed Jun 16, 2010 12:05 pm

I'm 12 days late getting my period. I've taken a few pregnancy tests, and they all say negative. This has happened before, and it was always negative. *sigh* its frustrating, because I feel the crankyness and moods of my cycle, een the fatigue, but... No flow.

Oh well, I'll just keep waiting. I hope its not my gallbladder acting up again. I remember I did skip periods a lot last time it acted up, but once I started eating mroe healthy, they came back to normal. So I guess I can try that?

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Re: Ugh... Where is my period?? lol

Post  Guest on Wed Jun 16, 2010 12:16 pm

If it doesn't come in two months, definitely go see a doctor because after seeing this one TLC show of mothers who didn't know they were pregnant at first despite taking countless pregnancy tests coming out negative, they still had a baby.

Of course, other factors including diet and exercise can also affect your hormones like it did for me last year when I decided to ride my bike every day for 30 miles and lost 20 pounds in the process, but did not adjust my calorie intake appropriately and missed my period for two months. I knew I wasn't pregnant since I am a virgin, but I was kind of scared that I would have a virgin birth or something. Of course, it wasn't the case... by September when I was back in school, my period returned.

I'm sure it will come, just wait a little longer, if not, then definitely see your doctor and find out if you are pregnant, but somehow the tests weren't reading properly (that is very rare, but possible) or if it has to do with your gallbladder and irregular periods are a symptom.


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