For Those Who Are Not Sure About Cups

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For Those Who Are Not Sure About Cups

Post  Admin on Sat Nov 14, 2009 9:45 am

This is a special area for anyone who is not so convinced that cups are the best option. I think other views always add interest and active conversation to a forum, so if you have a less than enthusiastic opinion about cups, go ahead and post it here.

PLEASE NOTE: Although this thread is here to provide a fair argument for "the other side", it is still subject to the forum rules. Also, it is not limited to posts from skeptics only. Here, a skeptic might just learn new facts from other members, and have a change of heart... And maybe they won't. Still, any active member can post there opinions, debates or concerns here. Also, even though this thread is centered around contradicting opinions, I still ask that your posts and replies remain polite. It can be frustrating when others do not share your opinion, but we have to remember that everyone has a right to their own thoughts and felings. A choice to live life as they see fit.

Furthermore, the nature of this thread still does not give anyone permission to post with the intent of "getting a rise" out of people (more commonly known as "trolling"). I will delete a post, if that appears to be its main purpose. Expressing your opinion in a friendly and diplomatic fashion is fine, but please, no rude put-downs.

Thank you, and have fun posting.

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