Using The Chat Box Feature

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Using The Chat Box Feature

Post  Admin on Thu Sep 23, 2010 7:55 pm

A chat box feature has been added to this forum. In order to use it, you have to be logged in. You may also need to log into the chat box itself, even if you are already logged into the forum as a user. This can be a fun feature, because if any other memebrs are online the same time as you, you can ask them to sign into the chat box and talk with you (either by sending them a PM, or replying to a recent post of theirs).

The chat box now appears at the BOTTOM of the forum's home page, (again, for logged in users only). Here are some of the options you will see while using the chat feature:

*** If you woud like to keep the chat box open while you browse around the forum (this way you can chat with other members while browsing), simply go down tot he chat box section on the forum's home page, and click on the word "Chatbox" on the upper-left side of the chatbox. This will open a separate widow that you can maintain, while browsing.

Login - In the upper right side of the box, lets you log into chat.
Archives - Read over all the previous conversaitons.
Without archives - This lets you chat without seeing all the archives, so there is less to scroll through.
Refresh - You can manually refresh the page by clicking this.
Audto refresh - Selecting this will make the system automatically refresh the page for you, so you can see new comemnts as they are made.
Online - Shows you who is online in the forum. They may or may not also be logged into chat. The chat room will notify you when someone enters.
Away - When a user's name appears in this area, it means they are still online in the forum, but they have wandered away from the chat box and are browsing through forum posts.

Typing a message in chat:

At the bottom of the chat box, you will see options to change the color and letter font of your words. You wil allso see a text box that says "message". This is where you type what you want to say, and then click the "send" button, to allow others to see what you have to say. Your words will appear in the middle of the chat box.

NOTE: The main forum rules still apply in the chat box.

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