match maker?!!

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match maker?!!

Post  jeepgirl on Thu Oct 28, 2010 2:36 am

i have the diva size 2, its not a match made in heaven.. so match maker match maker, make me a match!

i am going on 35.. eeek...
i have 1 unruley child (c-section) 7lb baby REFUSED to come out and tortured me for 29 hours before he was evicted via c-section. **** hes now 7 and has earned the name "mr Meyham".
i have the heaviest period known to man, BUT only on day 2.. the rest of the week is a walk in the park.. Aunt flow loves to party on day 2!
i have a low cervix

so 1 birth(c-section)+low cervix+insanely heavy flow=???

i was thinking large lunette, but then made the mistake of more reading and now im confused with all the options.

my diva cup leaks badly on day 1 and 2. i can fill that sucker up in 20/30 minutes. even though its full, i think the cup is going PAST my cervix sometimes, cuz i get leakage even when its freshly inserted. the rest of the week is fine, im inserting the same way, so i dont think its an inserting issue. it feels open and everything seems correctly in place. im guessing my cervix moves back after day 2, my flow lightens.. and THEN the diva works for me.

so im guessing i need something to accomidate this 'shorty' with super big gulp capacity. what do you reccomend. i cut my stem off the diva and do not have to reach far at all to get it.. barely any insertion is required. i deffinately need bigger capacity, but will bigger be an issue with my low cervix?

if any of you have:
low cervix
heavy flow

what works for you? id love to hear about your favorites.
Thanks! Julie

*** moderator, i looked for a "favorites" post.. but didnt see one, maybe i missed it.. if not.. it would be great to hear about favorites along with their scenario (IE. ive tried_____, ____ and ______, im age _____ and have ____ kids, low/high cervix. I found that _______ works best for me)


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Re: match maker?!!

Post  Melissa569 on Thu Oct 28, 2010 11:48 am

The good new is, pretty much any cup (except perhaps large Yuuki?) is shorter than Divacup, concerning a low cervix. But amongs the others, the ones with the best capacity are:

Large Lunette (firmer material, more sublte rim)
Large Fleurcup (Firmer material, more defined rim)
Large Miacup (softer material, medium rim)

All have flat tab stems, and hold pretty much the same amount as each other. But are shorter than even small Diva.

The cup that holds the absolute most fluid, is the large Yuuki, but its just as long as Diva... You can check out comparisons to all these brands here in my photo library. My photos are using a small Diva, but note that small Diva is the same length as large, the lare is just wider (same deal with Miacup):

Hope that helps Smile

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Re: match maker?!!

Post  msmith_1221 on Thu May 05, 2011 3:07 pm

A Large Yuuki is going to be bigger then the Large Lunette, look up Yuuki menstrual cup on eBay they sell and ship cheap there, i got my small yuuki for $17 total.


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Re: match maker?!!

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