movie shooting beckstage - cup saved my day!

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movie shooting beckstage - cup saved my day! Empty movie shooting beckstage - cup saved my day!

Post  galthea on Tue Jan 18, 2011 7:33 pm

i want to say once again how great thing a menstrual cup is!
(and sorry for my english once again:))
yesterday i had to be on the shooting place with all the crew at 8 AM. second day of my period, so pretty nervous, but i love all the movie shooting stuff and i love my work, so i hoped the fleur will do the best... anyway - there was so much chaos and panic, 'due to young and unexperienced production lady, that we finished at 22:00 (10 PM) - i went to toilet once (ONCE!!!), 'cause there was no time and we were really busy. and you cannot just leave in the middle of unfinished shoot. you really can't.
i cannot imagine to be backstage all the time and have to "survive" with a pad or tampon! and there was no leaking, no problems, no panic that there will be any "accident" or whatever. it's 14 hours and only one ladies room break. WITHOUT A PROBLEM!
(i realized just today, so i'm so happy about this!!)

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