:) Hello! Here is my short cups history :)

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:) Hello! Here is my short cups history :)

Post  Annyshka on Sat Mar 19, 2011 9:09 pm

Hello Smile
My name is Anna, I am 22 y.o. Ukrainian... Using cups for about 7 month now.
Got to know about them from some little banner of UK Moon cup about 3 years ago. Didn't pay much attention Smile
Yet my new neighbour and uni mate from Finland has told me once that she is using lunette for a while now. And she loves it!
So, after a little bit of researching I got myself first Shecup and later large Lunette Selene. And don't regret switching to cups ever since, although none of my cups were a complete success for me. Suspect
As I described in the cups specific discussion (under the nickname Anyutka) I have bought Selene in search for higher capacity, but it didn't work out.
Leaks and stiffness problems... But I don't loose hope and have ordered large Yuuki sunny
Now I am waiting for it to come. Fingers crossed. Rolling Eyes
I am very glad there are such communities like this. I am actively promoting cups among my friends in Ukraine and it's
nice that I can drop a link to a Life Journal, or Word Press for them to look at and learn... Instead of uncomfortable conversation...
(Pity Ukraine doesn't have much openness in such conversations).
Well, Thank you all for sharing your experiences, and I am happy that I became one of cup users! cheers

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Re: :) Hello! Here is my short cups history :)

Post  Melissa569 on Sun Mar 20, 2011 2:01 pm

Welcome to the forum! Smile

Wow, Ukrainian? Very rich in culture, and some of the world's best artists Smile

True, it can be difficult to introduce a new idea too people, when most of the world has been fixed on disposables for nearly a century... But really, there are so many other things that we wash and re-use internally, that are similar. Things like diaphragms, or bedroom "toys" etc. I love to remind people of that when I discuss cups with them Smile And in the case of cloth pads, I remind them of other cloth things we wear close to that area, and then wash and use again, such as underwear. Although I do find that I get better responses from the "tampon" crowd, particularly in the case of non-applicator tampons.


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