Newbie soon to be fleurcup owner. Hello!!

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Newbie soon to be fleurcup owner. Hello!!

Post  suzie-q on Mon Mar 28, 2011 5:53 am

Hello everyone!

My name is Suz, and I am a soon to be fleurcup (first cup) owner! Very Happy

First of all, Melissa, thank you so very much for this forum, your blog, your youtube channel, and all the wonderful information you've provided regarding menstrual cups. I knew I wanted to try a cup, but was afraid -- I wouldn't have taken the plunge if it weren't for all the helpful information I got from these pages (I've been a lookie loo around here for the past couple of weeks).

Ever since I first got my period (I was 9 and had a very heavy flow), I always wished that there was something I could use to make my periods easier to handle; pads and tampons just weren't cutting it. I kept wishing someone would make some sort of pouch or cup that would catch the flow and get rid of the "bubbles" - you know, the gush that would come down and form a bubble that would travel along the length of the pad and burst where there was no pad? Whenever I got those bubbles, my only choices were to let them burst up front or behind! I'd have to stand there like an idiot, crossing my legs together, trying to squeeze the bubble where I wanted it to go. I never had a period where I didn't get a stain on my pants. It was awful! Sad

In junior high my daydreams about the future included a magic cup that I could wear (in my young mind, it was like a pad that would just stick to my underwear) that would attract the blood to it like a magnet, enabling me to never have stains again. Fast forward fifteen years to two weeks ago when I stumbled upon Melissa's youtube video on how to insert a menstrual cup (I was searching for makeup tips and reviews). Suffice it to say, I was amazed to find that something I used to daydream about was actually real!!

So, after a couple of weeks worth of internet research and comparisons, I finally decided to get my first cup. Just a few minutes ago, I went to the fleurcup site and purchased my very first cup: a large fleurcup, clear. Woo hoo!! cheers They're on sale by the way: 14,99 euros (about $20) for the clear cups, large or small - with shipping it only cost $26.71! Very Happy

I am now eagerly awaiting my fleur's arrival -- its supposed to ship tomorrow (they ship only on Tuesdays). I can't wait!! My period is due next week and I am so hoping fleur will arrive before then! I've read it many times in this forum, and I'm glad that I get to experience it too: I can't wait for my period to start! It's so nice not to dread its arrival. sunny

Thank you again, Melissa and everyone on this forum for the sage advice!!

It's very nice to meet you all. Smile



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my real member name

Post  suzi-q on Mon Mar 28, 2011 6:00 am


Suz here again. Sorry for the second post, but when I originally posted my intro message above, I wasn't logged in so it made me put in another username, in this case: suzie-q and it says I'm a guest. My member name is suzi-q. Just to avoid confusion. I made sure to log in this time, so hopefully my post will show I'm a registered member now. Embarassed


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Re: Newbie soon to be fleurcup owner. Hello!!

Post  Melissa569 on Tue Mar 29, 2011 1:12 am

Hi suzi-q and welcome!

Oh I know what you mean about the blood not going right to the middle all the time. Mine usually went more to the front, and I always felt like my pad should be shaped like a light bulb, like with a bigger, more rounded top/front, and a slimmer back. I felt like to much absorbency was wasted. Since my flow never went to the middle or back, I normally wore my pad more toward the front, lol. I always needed the ones with wings, for heavy flow.

I too always wished there could be some kind of "device" that could go up inside, and trap all the flow, so it could just be removed later. Not absorb it like a tampon, but trap it in its narutal form, so we could see how it naturally is, or even measure it exactly... I always wanted to know exactly how much I bled, and what it looked like without being absorbed.

I've heard that from other people too, so its interesting how many of us think this way Smile . Then when I heard of cups, at first I was kind of freaked out, but I was also very intrigued, because of all those ideas I used to have, lol. Bout one, and never looked back!


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Re: Newbie soon to be fleurcup owner. Hello!!

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