Better Late than Never...

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Better Late than Never...

Post  VictoriaPhibes on Mon Jun 06, 2011 8:57 am

Hi Everyone:

I'm a little...well, rather, a LOT late to menstrual cup world. At 45 (tomorrow!!), I'm pre-menopausal and have really heavy periods. I would usually soak through a tampon in about 2-3 hours, and almost went out of my mind affraid with having to buy tampons, tampons, tampons!! I have good husband who really loves me - he's one that will buy a box of tampons without a blink! However, using tampons got to the point where I was looking for a doctor that would do an elective hysterectomy on me because of all the difficulty with such heavy bleeding.

At my wit's end, I went on the Internet looking for something, ANYTHING, which would help control my menstrual flow. And I saw some information about menstrual cups. Intrigued, I bought a DivaCup, which turned out to be too long for me, even after trimming the stem off. I wanted so much for the menstrual cup thing to work, and while I did more research on menstrual cups, I went back to the horror of using tampons. I did find Melly-Mel's wonderful videos on YouTube, and with intently watching and a little extra research settled on a large original Lunette provided from Mel's store--and am happy to report that I was able to finally throw away my tampons forever! cheers

A menstrual cup is much easier to carry around, easy to use (after a little practice), easier to clean and care for, and of course so much better for the environment and one's sanity! I only wished that I had had this option when I started my cycles at 13 (32 years ago).

Since using my Lunette, and cleaning it with Lunette Wash, I have almost no more problems (still have to empty cup about every six to eight hours because of heavy flow), but my cycles are much more bearable now, and I'm not crying over "the curse" anymore. I'm looking forward to a very happy menopause (soon, please, huh, soon??), but am much happier with what cycle time may be left to me, since I've discovered my Lunette!

Can't sing their praises enough! Thank you, Mel...looking forward to more videos and purchasing a new Cynthia--the color is just lovely!


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