Help with Diva Cup (reposted from other forum)

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Help with Diva Cup (reposted from other forum) Empty Help with Diva Cup (reposted from other forum)

Post  KJ25 on Wed Jun 08, 2011 7:06 pm

Fair warning this post will have TMI for some readers.

I have been using Diva Cup for 10 months now and I always have minor leaks from it. I have very low flow, when I leave the Diva Cup if for 12 hours it isn't even full to the first line. That means it is not overflowing the blood is just getting around it. I had the same issue when I used tampons. The tampon itself would not be full of blood but there would be blood all over the string and some on the panty liner.

I assumed it was something I was going to have to just live with. This month I forgot about my Diva Cup as I was boiling it and melted/burnt it the day before my period started. I ordered a new Diva Cup online but needed something else for this period. I was finally able to find a drugstore that sold Instead Softcups. The first time I ever tried one I had no difficulty inserting it and absolutely no leaks. In addition I have always been able to feel my Diva Cup when I am wearing it but I do not feel the Instead softcups at all.

Does this mean that I am still not inserting the Diva Cup correctly or that there is something different about my shape that keeps both bell cups and tampons from creating an effective block? Also, if it is the second of those options are there any reusable cups that follow the same principles as the Instead cups?


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Help with Diva Cup (reposted from other forum) Empty Re: Help with Diva Cup (reposted from other forum)

Post  Admin on Wed Jul 27, 2011 4:16 am

It sounds like you have a low cervix. Divacup is long in the body, so people with a low cervix often feel it. A shorter one might be more comfortable. Small Lunette is just like Diva, only shorter. That's the one I personally use.

Also, the leaking (with Diva and tampons) could be related to this. In my video here, you can see how the cervix works with cups:

But with this in mind, you can also see how a tampon could get lodged between a low cervix, and the vaginal wall. That would happen with me sometimes, I have a low cervix. Since the blood comes out the small hole in the cervix, anything that is not correctly placed can leak.

To make sure that your cervix is not peeking outside the cups rim, try letting the cup pop open a bit early, like half way in. Then coaxing it up the rest of the way. This will help to ensure that your cervix will not go outside it. Try Diva one more time, and see if that helps Smile That way, if you want a shorter cup later, maybe if you like the reusable concept, you will know what technique works for you.

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