Which cup to replace my Meluna ringstem?

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Which cup to replace my Meluna ringstem?

Post  dragonfly summers on Tue Jun 28, 2011 10:09 pm

I have the older Meluna ringstem in medium, and it is very comfortable. I am happy with the size, firmness, and capacity.

My issue is that it is very difficult to remove, and today I broke the ringstem. First it snapped, and then the largest remaining piece pulled off. *If* I can ever get the darned thing out, I will be throwing it away.

So, what do I replace it with?

My cervix is high, and the cup tends to ride high, making it even harder to retrieve. I really do not want to go much wider in diameter.

I am hesitant to try another ringstem as this one only lasted me about a year. Is the new design a great improvement?

I'm thinking of trying a Lunette or a Miacup. I need a long, easy-to-grip stem. Suggestions?


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Re: Which cup to replace my Meluna ringstem?

Post  Admin on Sat Jul 23, 2011 11:23 pm

Actually the new ring stem is MUCH thicker, because there were a lot of complaints about broken stems with the old one. Here are my comparison photos, where you can see the new model:


If you like Meluna you can try the new model. But I would not suggest getting another ring stem if your cervix is high. Perhaps a traditional stem, since you can trim it or leave it, which ever suits you best. Also, you might want to try the large. Its not wider, just longer. So it would be easier to reach.

Hope this helps Smile

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