Irish mooncup (uk) user/lover

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Irish mooncup (uk) user/lover

Post  lamandina on Fri Aug 26, 2011 1:42 pm

Hi everyone! I'm Irish and I am a total convert to the menstrual cup! My story: I bought a mooncup (the only cup you can buy a shops in Ireland) about a year ago. I had the typical experience of needing a few months to get really confident with it, but soon fell in love with my mooncup.
It was kind of on impulse, but last week I bought another mooncup! I got the newer version which was brought out shortly after I began to use the cup last year. I have been using the new one this week and I must say that removal is so much easier with the newer style of mooncup!
So now I own two cups, both small size. I feel a tiny bit guilty/unfaithful to the original one, but I am bonding quickly to the new one, since it is just as lovely and actually a bit easier to use.


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