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Irish mooncup user

Post  lamandina on Fri Aug 26, 2011 2:01 pm

I've just joined this forum as I felt the urge to spread the mooncup love!!
I have recently started using the newer version of the uk mooncup, having used the previous model for almost a year. I have been tempted to try other European brands of the cup (eco-consumerism is a dangerous thing!) but I have held off, so I only have experience of the mooncup.
I have looked around online and I can see that some people used to find the colour of the older mooncup offputting. I personally didn't mind it; to me it just looked natural and clean, but the newer one is beautifully clear.
It also feels much softer. The rim is no longer so thick or firm and I find that it is easier to insert and remove. It glides out really quickly! The "texture" of the cup seems to be different. It doesn't squeak as much when you wash it, for example!
The one drawback is that the new cup doesn't pop open quite as easily. I really have to fiddle around with it inside to get it to open. However, removal has always been more of a challenge than insertion for me, so overall I am happier with the newer mooncup.


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