Hello everyone - almost cup user here

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Hello everyone - almost cup user here

Post  AuNatural on Sun Oct 02, 2011 11:10 pm

Hello everyone, I just heard about menstrual cups the other day and instantly became very curious. I cannot believe I have never heard of them before! I've often wondered why menstrual choices were limited to disposable tampons and pads. I found the videos on YouTube and then found my way here. . .

Just ordered the small Lunette cup. If it is still too big, I'll order a small Meluna. I have a very low cervix, maybe as low as 4 cm, so I'm REALLY hoping that this works. It would be so convenient for me, especially when I go backpacking. No fun to carry around used menstrual products in the heat for days on end. . . 'nough said.

I'm also excited about learning about cloth pads and pantyliners too. That's so great!! The plastic on pads can be very irritating in the heat or when walking/hiking. I had never heard of those before either.

What a relief it would be not stop dealing with disposable products! To not have to buy them, find somewhere to throw them away, have to deal with the gross trash, etc. Not to mention better for the environment.

If this works menstrual cups may have another advocate.


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