Getting Large Lunette in a little farther

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Getting Large Lunette in a little farther

Post  michelle9sd on Tue Oct 18, 2011 3:10 pm


I am doing a dry run on my Large Lunette (started a journal too) today and I feel like I need it to sit up just a little higher. So far I inserted it twice (same result) ...I can feel it just a little too much. Kind of the feeling you get with a tampon sitting too low, but the feeling is down lower. I'm not sure if its just the stem or the stem and the base that I'm feeling. The stem is not sticking out, but close to the opening. I tried with the c fold both times (punchdown felt like it wanted to pop opening before entering LOL. The second time I had the goal of getting it in further before it popped open, but found it impossible. Its like letting go of a pop up tent LOL. Is there any way to get it in further before it pops open? I didn't pay any attention to where the air holes were...could that be my problem?



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Re: Getting Large Lunette in a little farther

Post  Melissa569 on Wed Nov 30, 2011 5:27 am

Took me a while to get settled in after my move, sorry for such a late reply! lol.

Usually if a cup won't go in very far, it means the cervix is low. I have a low cervix, so I have to stick with shorter cups. If you push a cup in further, a low cervix will just push it back down. I do use a Lunette but I have to use the small (I'm 30). My first cup was a DivaCup, but that is one of the longest, and it just stuck out like all the time, lol

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