Leaking and low cervix/seal questions (small Lunette)

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Leaking and low cervix/seal questions (small Lunette) Empty Leaking and low cervix/seal questions (small Lunette)

Post  jb7764 on Sun Feb 12, 2012 6:07 am

This is my second cycle using my size 1 Lunette. The first cycle there was some leaking, but not a lot. I had one night where my flow was heavy and I leaked a bit in the morning right before I got out of bed. I'm pretty sure I felt it that time. And then there was a lot of the leftover slobber stuff that would spot, but it all seemed pretty minimal. And I figured just part of the learning curve.
This time around I'm leaking more. I don't think it's just slobber. The leaks aren't huge, but they are still more then I want (which is none). I think I can feel the seal shifting, but I'm not sure that's what I'm feeling. It's hard to explain, but it's kind of like I can feel around the area where the rim is and the outside of the cup and it feels like it gets a little moist if that makes any sense. And I also get that "full tampon" feeling, sometimes even when I've just put the cup in (cervix dipping in cup?). I can't seem to adjust it to not feel that way and if I don't feel it at first, I will later.
When I put the cup in, I do a "C" fold, making sure an air hole is in the fold, and point that fold to the side. I try to aim down, or parallel to the ground, but to try to limit the slobber I've been letting it pop open once it's inside enough. I'm not sure if doing so makes it so I'm accidentally pushing it up and not parallel. Then I maneuver it inside until it feels like it's in the right spot. The bottom of the cup is just inside the opening. Then I give it a little spin and I will usually hear or feel the suction. I'll also give it a little burp to be sure that I have a good seal. I do have a low cervix and I suspect that it's dipping in the cup, but I'm not sure.

When it does dip, would it cause that feeling of the seal shifting? Am I inserting the cup right? Is it possible to have too much air in the cup (like burping after I've already spun it and heard a seal)? What cups are the best for low a cervix that has more capacity then the size 1 Lunette? I was thinking of trying to large Lunette, but I'm open to other suggestions.


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