Hi, new with questions

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Hi, new with questions

Post  newbie on Wed Mar 21, 2012 9:45 am


i just bought my first cup, and im having some issues with it Sad . So im hoping to get further guidance. I was given a Meluna classic ring size M, but it was too much vacuum, felt pressure, hard to get out plus leaking No . I then tried the extra cup one was given, which was classic ball size L. Its less pressure around the cervix but instead it goes deeper inside of me so even harder to get out plus the ball just slips of the fingers and it feels expanding the walls inside No . Don't know abt the leaking for this one yet though. It feels as if the classic is a bit too strong material when putting inside, or maybe becus L is too big.

I thought my cervix might be low, making the M-size too tight and unable to flip fully open, while the L-size instead is able to move further up? Would a S-size stay lower and be easier to get out?

I would need some guidance on what size/kind would be better Embarassed . Im 27 and have 3 kids, and normal/more fluid, at least not small amount of fluid. I think i need a stem and a softer material than classic.

Sorry if posted the questions wrong Embarassed ,

thank you


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