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Can't insert cup! Empty Can't insert cup!

Post  rlr0183 on Thu May 03, 2012 1:45 am

Okay ladies, I just got my first cup a while back (a small Lunette Selene) and have been completely unsuccessful in inserting it. I have tried it both on and off my cycle, with the use of a water-based lube, and trying to point it towards my tailbone, along with other suggestions I've seen on this forum and other websites.

I am 21 and a virgin, and (sorry for the TMI) things just seem to be "too small down there"! Shocked Okay, so I realize that other virgins have used these with no problem, so I figured I just need practice to get it down but I keep trying to insert it and every time I try, it just hurts like crazy and I can't get it more than halfway in, much less get it to pop open. I have tried several different folds, and it seems like the 7 fold or the punchdown fold would work best because the tip is somewhat small, but even with those two folds I still feel like getting it all the way in is just impossible. I use tampons with no problems (just slightly uncomfortable during insertion, but not anywhere NEAR that amount of pain the cup is causing). Is there a different type of cup that would be easier, or should I just keep trying with the one I have?

I'm so impressed with what everyone has said about cups that I really want them to work for me, so it's rather frustrating to have one and know how amazing they can be, but not be able to use it. Still just dealing with the pads and tampons for now Sad If any of you guys have any tips or tricks that could help me out I would really appreciate it!


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