Howdy. The names Kimberly:)

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Howdy. The names Kimberly:)

Post  kimyquel on Sun Jul 29, 2012 3:46 pm

I've only been aware of menstrual cups for about 2 months. I was having irregular periods and searching topics of unbalanced hormones online when one site mentioned a Divacup. I quickly realized what they were referring too but figured it was a specialty thing. My mom was checking websites from her house to help me out and came across the same thing. We talked about it then did some more research. She no longer has a need for one...but is quite upset they didn't have this readily available when she did.
At first I was a little skeptical, basically of cleanliness and how to change it when out and about. (This mainly comes from the fact that I didn't even where tampons untill I was sextually active...which was only about 5 years ago, And with irregular periods it's not like I was a pro at tampons either. Always scared of the TSS on the packaging. And needing all different sizes with my irregular flows.
As a teacher, I work with a lot of women. Only one had heard of these and was interested...but she's currently pregnant so has to wait. The others I have sent this site to in hopes to broaden their horizons.
I was comparing them again, because my mom is going to buy my first one, when I came to these comparisons and saw the how-to video. I instantly recognized the voice fromt he other youtube videos I had seen.
I took the quiz and found my first choice Lunette to be second to the MiaCup (one I hadn't previously considered). So I will let ya'll know how it goes.
Have a super fantastic day,

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