a new girl from Iceland!!

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a new girl from Iceland!!

Post  elma_85 on Mon Oct 22, 2012 3:54 pm

Hello everyone Smile such a great forum!

My name's Elin and I'm from Iceland, age 27. I was introduced to cups when I was around 16 y/o and tried the Keeper then but unfortunately, after trying for 3 or so cycles I found out it was just not for me and returned it. I was very disappointed that I didn't work it out because I wanted so badly to be able to use the cup. Fast forward to last year, then I decided at long last to give it another chance, bought a small Mooncup UK and voila, no problem at all Very Happy

I'm really fascinated by the idea of cups and think that everyone that has their periods should at least consider this possibility. It means that I really want everyone to know about them, and it really saddens me that tampons and pads seem to be the norm for girls during their periods and so few of them know about this possibility or if they do, they judge it as "gross" and "weird" (though I'm sure that was my initial reaction too but I eased into the idea).

You can find me on tumblr: sunlight-uponmypillow.tumblr.com (warning - I've been obsessed with Pink Floyd for the last two years so my blog is basically a Pink Floyd blog...) so that's where you can contact me if you want to talk to me about menstrual cups or anything Smile


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