My introduction and Ladycup v. Miacup

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My introduction and Ladycup v. Miacup

Post  theatregirl on Sun Dec 02, 2012 1:21 pm

Hi there! I'm fifteen years old and a virgin -- looking for my first cup!

I've used pads ever since my first period at age twelve. I never liked them (does anyone really like them?), so I tried tampons around age thirteen. I had a bad experience where I couldn't remove it because I was probably nervous and clenching, and also my flow was very light that day so the tampon was creating a lot of friction and pain because it wasn't saturated. I had the tampon in for over eight hours... It was bad. So I went back to pads.

Now I'm fifteen years old, and enjoy dance, theatre, and hiking. All of these are very difficult to deal with on my period, because with some costumes a pad shows through rather easily, so I'll have to get creative, using a very light flow pad and changing it right before I go onstage. And when hiking, well, no one likes carrying around used pads (or tampons). It's a nightmare. But again, because of my bad tampon experience, I'm reluctant to try them again.

So! I've been researching other options. I'd heard of a menstrual cup, but thought it was sort of a primitive device that wasn't really used anymore. Then I found all of you guys! I'm very excited about the prospect of a healthy, sanitary, environmentally friendly option.

I've been doing some research, and have decided that I'll either purchase a small Ladycup or a small Miacup, mostly because they're both relatively small and soft, which is what I'd like for my first one. Now I know these two cups are different in a few ways and would love if someone who has tried both could enlighten me as to what those differences are.

I have tried the Select Smart cup quiz, but it's not of much use to a first time user. However, based of what I do know about cups, I did take the quiz and received equal results for the Ladycup and the Miacup. I also received fairly high marks for the Femmecup and Small Lunette...

I would appreciate it if you only made a recommendation of a brand other than Ladycup and Miacup if you truly believe its the best option for a first time user, not just because it was your first cup, or the cup you currently use Smile

Also, a random question: Does the position of the holes (higher or lower on the cup) have any significance other than its effect the capacity?

Thank you very much!


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