Searching for "menstrual activists" in Europe

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Searching for "menstrual activists" in Europe

Post  MsMenstruation on Thu Jan 24, 2013 12:01 pm

Hi you all!

I am currently starting up a process of writing a Master's Thesis on the topic "The Menstrual Countermovement in Europe" (i.e. people or organisations who work with alternative narratives and practices surrounding menstruation and the menstrual cycle). In my understanding of the concept I see menstrual cup-advocates as very much part of the movement, but also researchers who work a lot with menstruation issues, artists with menstrual themes, bloggers with menstrual themes, etc, etc. In fact I consider myself as part of the movement. I do some crafts and art on the subject of menstruation. But that is not the point here. Right now I am looking for people or organizations in Europe that I could perhaps study.

The actual process of the research will be netnographic (i.e. ethnographic, based on online representations of the movement) and be comprised of ethnographic analysis of website/art/blog/etc folioed by an interview through Skype or email.

Any recommendations, help or suggestions is MOST welcome.

All the best to you all,


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