Question for anyone - FemmyCycle?

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Question for anyone - FemmyCycle?

Post  karenb on Sun Jan 27, 2013 10:38 am

Hi - at 49, I believe I qualify for this particular topic! Wink Wondering if anyone out there has tried the FemmyCycle cup. I don't see it anywhere on this forum and was curious because I like the design and the spillproof lid thingy. I have a tilted uterus and I think a slightly lower cervix but have had success (well, one try) with the disposable Softcup on a lighter-flow day. Any comments would be appreciated...thanks!


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Femmycycle review

Post  clothcycle on Mon Feb 11, 2013 3:53 am

This cup looks like a great design. I have no personal experience but you could check out this review on femininewearuk , there is one review and also a link to the owner of femininewear's own personal review of the product.

Also this is good review with detailed pics and some comments following the review:

Looks like the cup for anyone having troubles with heavy flow ++

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Femmycyle in 3 sizes

Post on Mon Dec 15, 2014 8:28 am

The Femmycycle is now available in 3 sizes.

FemmyCycle Small
If you have never been pregnant or have a tighter vaginal cavity, this size is for you.
Capacity: 17.5ml / Diameter: 31mm / Cup length: 38mm / Total length: 57mm

FemmyCycle Regular
If you've been pregnant or have a heavier flow choose this FemmyCycle.
Capacity: 30ml / Diameter: 36mm / Cup length: 43mm / Total length: 63mm

FemmyCycle Low cervix
Most menstrual cups interfere with a low cervix. This special version FemmyCycle was designed for maximum comfort and security, even if you have a low cervix.
Capacity: 30ml / Diameter: 36mm / Cup length: 43mm / Total length: 50mm

Check the to see how they compare to other brands.

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Re: Question for anyone - FemmyCycle?

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