First time user-No leaks but sitting down is uncomfortable!

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First time user-No leaks but sitting down is uncomfortable! Empty First time user-No leaks but sitting down is uncomfortable!

Post  estoyjanedoe on Wed Sep 25, 2013 1:33 pm

I've been doing research for about a month, but finally decided to try out The Keeper. I didn't do any dry runs, I thought about it, but decided I would rather "wing it." Yesterday was the start of my period. For reference, I have a very light period, and only about 2-3 days long. I got my cup in, popped open, first try, and went to work. I ended up removing it after about 3 hours because I was pretty sure I could feel the stem, so I trimmed it, only about 1/8". I've heard it's best to trim slowly, especially because your body can position cup differently every time. This worked out pretty well for me for the rest of the day. I couldn't feel the cup at all afterwards, so I'm assuming it was in the right place. Today, my second day, I'm just plain uncomfortable. I have repositioned it 3 times. Now, I have read about other women feeling their cervix. I have never managed to do this, I have pretty long fingers and with them all the way in and me using my other hand to shove farther - I can reach just enough cup to release the suction on the bottom, but I can't feel up to the rim.

I'm 26 and have no children, so I bought the smaller size Keeper. I felt it pop open every time I inserted it. I put it in as far as I can. Today the stem is back to bothering me, so I'm planning on trimming it when I get back home from work, but I think I might be feeling the rest of the cup too - like when I was a teenager and I didn't get a tampon in all the way - sitting is just uncomfortable. I am ok when standing up.

Any tips, other than trimming stem? I have heard cup rim should sit just below cervix, and I think that would leave me less uncomfortable, but I'm not sure how to get it further *in* when my fingers can't get it further in? As-is, I am having to use my muscles to push it down once or twice before I can grasp the cup to get it out.

I don't think it's too far up, as I've never felt a tampon near my cervix previously, but any comments or advice appreciated!


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