Reeeeeeally having trouble getting my Melunas to open!

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Reeeeeeally having trouble getting my Melunas to open! Empty Reeeeeeally having trouble getting my Melunas to open!

Post  Rachy_B on Thu Sep 04, 2014 7:55 am

Hi there!

This is my first post and I apologise to the TMI about to follow, but I'm getting a little frustrated!

I have an extremely light flow, to the point where even Tampax Lites (the purple ones) were giving me a raging headache and I can't wear pads for medical reasons (that's a long story for another day- but trust me; I can't). All in all I was getting very frustrated with a day in bed every period with my headaches and thought it was time for a change.

Following some research, with a sensitive bladder, I thought something as firm as the Mooncup or Diva cup might not be such a great idea. I had kidney trouble and a LOT of cystitis when I was younger and don't like to aggravate my bladder etc unnecessarily. I settled on Meluna because they seemed to have good reviews and I liked the idea of the ring pull on the end, which they sell cotton string for so it's easier to remove. While it wasn't a deciding factor, they had an offer on where you could buy a small soft and a medium classic for a reasonable price. Being unsure of sizes and firmness, I thought this was a good route to take.

Dry runs were an absolute nightmare! I lubed them up, eventually managed to get them in but there was no 'pop'. So I held out until my period came...

Last night, I put in my small soft and there was a flat edge. I figured this was just how my body was, and went to bed. This morning there was no leakage and by the feel of things, it had definitely popped open in my sleep. I was a very happy bunny this morning!

I took a shower and tried again, but it really wasn't having any of it, and refuses to open again. I even upgraded to the classic in the hope that it would help.

I know I should relax, relax, relax but I'm uptight, uptight, uptight! I'm also very narrow. (Here's the real TMI coming up!) When I have sex with a partner, I tighten up afterwards and it is nearly impossible to have sex again without bucked loads of lube and a lot of coercion for at least 24 hours. Seriously! I've had boyfriends ask me/complain about it! I am definitely not a virgin and I'm in my late 20s. I'm also the queen of holding in my pee. I've tried different folds, the cold water trick etc. I can't even turn it because it just wont turn.

So my question is this: I like the small size of the Meluna, but could their 'Sport' model (it sounds like a high powered car!) probably be more appropriate for me?

Any advice you can give me would be gratefully received!



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