CAN NOT get the '360 degree turn'

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CAN NOT get the '360 degree turn' Empty CAN NOT get the '360 degree turn'

Post  simplyshiny on Wed Jun 17, 2015 11:01 pm

So I got my Diva cup during my last cycle and started using it right away. I haven't had any leaking, but I know I am putting it in wrong. How do I know? It keeps getting "sucked up" in my vaginia. The first night I slept in it, it sucked up so far I couldn't even reach the tip affraid . I panicked and called my doctor, but they couldn't see me until the next day. It eventually, throughout the day came down to where I was able to reach it, and it hasn't gone up THAT far since, but it still does go up. I'm pretty sure my problem is that I haven't been able to get the turning down. I have tried every method I can think of. Using the 'Origami fold' the 'C fold', sitting, standing, placing it further in, not far in, going straight up (like I always did with tampons) and going in horizontally (which the wonderful woman at Diva cup suggested). I can get it in, but when it comes to turning it, I simply can't. IDK if the base is too slippy or what. Like I said, I haven't had any issues with leaking and sometimes it actually FEELS like it had suctioned itself and was fully open, but it just keeps riding up. I end up checking it every couple hours because I'm so paranoid. I should note that I am a virgin in my late 20s ( Embarassed), I have a very heavy flow and HATED how tampons 'dried me out' and became painful.

Any suggestions? I absolutely love it, except for this issue. confused


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