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Health Advantages to Cup Use Empty Health Advantages to Cup Use

Post  sharon on Sat Dec 19, 2009 8:37 am

I wasn't really sure where to post this topic, so please move it if needed. I guess this is kind of a personal testimony and maybe very TMI for some, but I'm really hoping it will help other women who have been through some of the same frustrations I have.

Even though I'm very environmentally-minded, it was not my initial reason for seeking out alternatives to disposables. A few years ago I mysteriously began having problems with infections. I would bounce back and forth from yeast problems to bacterial problems almost every other month. Doctors proved to be worthless...they would prescribe me oral Diflucan or the cream when yeast was the issue, and Flagyl for the bacterial infections, both of which would end up sending my body to the opposite extreme, and the vicious cycle would continue on and on. I'd seen a total of five different OB/GYNs over the past four years who did all kinds of tests, from diabetes to HIV, anything they could think of. But ultimately they would all end up at the same answer: "There's no underlying health problem; it's just the way your body is."

So for a long time I believed that. There was no hope. I thought the miserable discomfort and constant expensive trips to the doctor and suffering sex life would just have to be something to live with. I'd already made every change I could possibly think of to help: only all-cotton underwear washed in all-natural fragrance free detergent, no tight jeans or synthetic pants, only wash the area with water in the shower and use an all-natural body wash for the rest of my body, etc, etc. Then I discovered and started researching acidophilus, and soon started taking it in pill form orally and also breaking the pills open and directly applying it. Over a few months it was definitely making a difference - I was able to keep the infections under control just enough to not go to the doctor. With the improvement I became more aware of the timing of the flare-ups: always either during or right after my period. I'd long suspected that tampons were probably not helping the whole issue, but when I asked doctors about it they weren't concerned. I was sadly and naively unaware of any alternatives, so I pressed onward with trying some different brands of tampons to see if it would

Finally I discovered cups! I find it weird that I hadn't run across information on them sooner in all my obsessive searching for solutions. I guess the information just isn't widespread enough yet. But thankfully I did find them, gathered lots of information on LJ and from Melissa's blog and YouTube videos, and decided to order a Meluna and a LadyCup from Femininewear. Now, maybe it's really too early to declare complete victory, but after my first cycle with cups I feel none of the itchiness and discomfort that I've become so accustomed to. I've gotten to know my body pretty well through all this mess, and I really am feeling like a new woman! I'm shocked at the difference I'm already feeling! Now I'm seriously wondering if maybe the entire cause of all my problems is actually a sensitivity to some of the chemicals/nasty stuff in disposables. I guess it would make sense since I have such fair, sensitive skin to begin with (I have problems with most brands of makeup, and have to be especially careful with eyeshadows). What truly boggles my mind is that NOT ONE of the doctors I was seeing ever mentioned that disposables could be a problem, nor suggested that any alternatives exist, even when I specifically asked about it!

I wonder how many other poor women out there are suffering with recurring infections and have lost all hope of finding relief? It's so sad. I hope by everyone participating in forums like this and by spreading the word to friends and family that eventually cups (and cloth reusable pads) will be much better known by the general population. All women should know they have other choices beyond disposables! And doctors should know too!!

Anyway, thanks for listening to the tragic brief history of my vagina with tentative happy ending. Will update if my problems continue to steadily improve with cup use, or otherwise.


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Health Advantages to Cup Use Empty Re: Health Advantages to Cup Use

Post  Jesamyn on Sat Dec 19, 2009 4:42 pm

So glad you're finding some relief! I actually have a similar history with recurring infections, and also found acidophilus to help immensely (though I only took it orally). And like you experienced, switching to cups helped avoid the minor monthly flare-ups for me too. I was just delighted with both of those revelations. It's so liberating to just not worry about it anymore.

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Health Advantages to Cup Use Empty Re: Health Advantages to Cup Use

Post  Melissa569 on Sun Dec 20, 2009 5:14 am

I often disagree with some doctors.. Not always in the education and training they have, but in the way some of them go about lining up return patients, and not really applying their attention to each case. I've met some doctors who seem like they just want to get you out of their office as fast as they can, so they can get to the next patient. I find that's usually with the larger, more crowded hospitals, so I like to stick with the smaller, family clinics myself.

The other thing I don't like is how the laws of the USA prevent doctors from sharing "alternative" treatment methods with patients, which really do work. Here, they could possibly loose their license for recomending anything that isn't patented, and FDA approved. And if they're not afraid of that, then they will refuse to agree with alternative or natural methods, because maintaining your health naturally, means less prescriptions from them.

Sure, there are conventional medicines that are very useful, and needed. But about half the time, there are thigns you can do from home that will prevent illnesses.

Your post actually inspired me to start a "Women's Health" thread, and I inlcuded some information on the ABC's of vaginal care there (as much information as I could dig up over the years). There's info there about how to stay healthy (vaginally) from home, but of course if there is a severe infection, you may need some treatments from the doctor. As I said, they do have some medications that are needed in some cases. The tips are mostly about prevention, and maintanance. I hope its helpful.

And thank you to the OP for the idea Smile Please take care of yourself, its wonderful that cups are helping you with your health. They've certainly been a blessing for me!

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Health Advantages to Cup Use Empty Re: Health Advantages to Cup Use

Post  quitterie on Wed Dec 23, 2009 10:15 am

Sharon Very Happy , your post is deeply interesting, enlighting ! And it is very nicely written and very clear Cool ..

Oh yes, cups are known to be a help and a great support for mycosis-sufferers, generally (and also for lichen or vulvar eczema-sufferers for instance, I think.)

Let’s hope your situation will be going improving more and more, each month.
Or maybe, who knows ?, your next periods will end being almost perfect.. Let’s wait and see (hee hee.. crossed fingers for you Razz .)

By the way, have you ladies ever heard or used the Winalite Love Moon Anion pads (that are disposable ones) ?
Here is a video from a tv show I guess. (I saw only snatches of this video, some months ago ; besides, it had been discussed on the EasyCup(.fr) forum..) :

“Why winalite (english)(part1)” =

The principle of this brand of pads can be nice but they also look pretty convoluted, with their innumerable layers. And I don’t know if it turns out that they are efficient. (I never read any tesmimony about them)..

There are for instance the three following videos that look well explanatory too :

Presented by a man Smile, “Love Moon ANION Sanitary Napkin Demo Winalite USA” =

“(Winalite Love Moon) Anion Overnight Pad Demo” =

“Winalite Vision USA For Love Moon, Anion, & Winalite Hygiene Products For Women & Babies” =

Sharon cherry .. wish you good luck and above all, a lot of success for your studies (.. and also for your next experiences with your 2 cups, of course ! ;-P )

Happy Christmas and a marvellous New Year, for everyone !


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Health Advantages to Cup Use Empty Re: Health Advantages to Cup Use

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