Has anyone tried sex with Instead ?

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Has anyone tried sex with Instead ?

Post  lunastar on Sun Jan 17, 2010 8:42 am

Hey to everyone,

so finally my period came back !!! it's been 2 months !
I was using a small LadyCup but decided to give the Insteads a try.

Inserting it was pretty easy, it takes its place alone behind the pubic bone and you really cannot feel int round the cervix and the back of the vagina.

Once it is inserted, it's essential to check the cervix is inside the cup.

We tried to have sex but my partner could FEEL the Instead ! it was rubbing him (sorry) Embarassed Embarassed Embarassed and was pretty unpleasant. I could feel it myself too, it was like stinging me !!! but the good news is that no blood leaked. All day I couuldn't feel it and no leakage at all.

Removing the Instead is easy but MESSY ! I had placed myself in the bath tube naked (I knew it would be messy) but didn't imagine it would spill that much !!!! lots of blood fell !!! then I put back my LadyCup.

Has anyone tried having sex with Instead ? did both partners enjoy it and didn't feel something strange in the vagina ?

thanks for your experiences ! Shocked


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Re: Has anyone tried sex with Instead ?

Post  Melissa569 on Fri Jan 22, 2010 5:54 am

I did once, no messes. But What I didn't like was that upon penetration, I sort of had to push up ont he front rim so he could get past. I'm really short inside, to the front rim almost sticks out, and kinda blocks the entrance. He said beyond that, it "didn't bother" him. But I'm pretty sure he could feel it... I don't think there is any way we could have sex without him knowing I'm on my period. Not unless I woudl have lied, and told him it was some new kind of diaphram, lol.

They work ok on me for period protection, but my period is only like 4 days long now (where it was 7 days before cups) so I'm perfectly content to just wait it out, rather than go through the fuss of the penetratin issue.

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