Best cup for those with vulva pain?

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Best cup for those with vulva pain?

Post  Cassandra1995 on Tue Feb 16, 2010 8:01 pm

Hi all!

I was recently diagnosed with vestibular vulvodynia. It means that my vulva is overly sensitive and pressure on it causes me great pain. I am in the process of treating this, and one of the things that I think will help is not to use pads/tampons but to instead use a cup. My doc okays this. Anyway, I tried the Keeper cup, but the rubber was WAY TOO firm, and the stem hurt me! Just having the stem pressing on my vulva hurt. I was reluctant to cut it b/c as it was, the cup kept sliding in and I had trouble removing it.

So, I'm looking for cup suggestions. I have never given birth vaginally, and the keeper cup seemed too firm, if that makes sense. It also kept moving around, and the stem was uncomfortable. I would appreciate any tips about brands and/or what kind of movement is normal when the cup is in place.



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