Maybe a softer cup would be better?

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Maybe a softer cup would be better?

Post  Sol_i_nord on Tue May 04, 2010 3:33 pm

Hi! I have a problem with my cups. I have a small fleurcup and a large lunette. They both start to leak before they're full. My lunette always starts too leak right before it fills up to the 15ml line. The fleurcup also leaks right before it's about half-full. My cervix is not extremly low either, and I know I have a good seal. With my heavy flow this just is not good enough. My question is if a soft cup could be the answer? Maybe my seal breaks while I'm wearing it? I'm thinking about a large Yuuki, maybe it would follow my body better? Does anybody have any experiences with soft vs. rigid cups?

Oh, and it seems like a lot of people by cups and then find they should have bought another.. maybe we could have a category for selling/swoping cups?


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Re: Maybe a softer cup would be better?

Post  Melissa569 on Tue May 04, 2010 8:44 pm

Actually, the selling/swapping cups thread is a wonderful idea!

As for a sifter cup, its possible that could be better for you. Normally its the other way around-- when people have leaks, a stiffer cup is the answer. Or a bigger/smaller one. But if you have both sizes and they are both stiff and leaking, then your body might be saying, "Hey, I need some flexibility". I say it wouldn't hurt to try, and I'll go ahead and set up a trading/selling thread! Smile

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