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Post  Melissa569 on Fri Jul 02, 2010 10:57 pm

I re-filmed my "How To Use A Menstrual Cup" video. The new one is 3 minutes instead of 8. I also included a demo with a large sponge at the end, to show how the body hugs around a cup.

I still kept the old insertion video, but because it is so lengthy with tons of tips on problem solving, I renamed it with "trouble shooting" in the title.

I've been finding that having all those trouble shooting tips in a demo makes cup use look too "complicated", so I wanted a more simplified and basic version. Why load everyone down with "tips for problems" unless they need them? lol. This way, they have a choice to watch more tips, only if they run into problems.

Most people get the hang of a cup the first few times they use it. But some people need a little help with the learning curve, which is why I opted not to delete the longer video. But anyway, some people have told me that they use my "how to" video on their pages, so if you do, go ahead and switch to this new one, if you like. Smile


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