Moderator's Measurement / Comparison Chart

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Moderator's Measurement / Comparison Chart

Post  Melissa569 on Thu Sep 23, 2010 4:54 pm

NOTE: You may pose replies to this down below if you wish. But if you want to share a chart that you have found or made, please do so in the "Other Charts" thread. Thank you Smile

Lots of people have been asking me to put up some comparison charts, like for size measurements, capacity, and stiffness. So I drew up a size/capacity chart.

Also, down below, I have a cup stiffness rating list.

Plese keep in mind that some cup users may disagree with me on the measurements and ratings. It doesn’t really mean that I or they are worng… It could be something as simple as a factory defect in somebody’s measuring tool, or a factory defect in the particular cup someone has. But I am going by what I have measured out using a seamstress tape measure, and an old plastic liquid measuring cup that came in a box of cough syrup. I do my very best to be accurate in measurements. To show you, I am including a link here to a Livejournal discussion, where I posted photos (down below in the comments) of me measuring an Mpower cup, just so you can see that I do put effort into being exact :

NOTE: You can click on the charts to make them bigger. With any cups I do not own, I simply put a dash line through their info boxes.

And as for the stiffnes rating, I am just going by how the cups seem to feel to me. Sometimes its hard to tell which is “stiffer”, because some cups are made of latex, some of silicone, some of TPE, and some are stiff due to thicker material, while others are stiff due to a material that more hardener added to it during manufacturing. The other thing is, some have a different squishiness/firmness in different parts of the cup– aka, the rim is stiffer than the rest of the cup. Or the base/stem is. But still, I did the best I could…

Some cups were equal to each other in stiffness. In that case, I left the rating number the same as the cup before. If there were significant differences between one part of the cup and another, I noted them:

Menstrual Cup Squishiness scale, 1= softest, 10=firmest:

Small Miacup: 1
SheCup: 1
Large Yuuki: 1.5
Lady cup (large/small): 2
Femmecup (in the center, the rim and base are firmer): 3
Small Diva: 4
Small Lunette: 4
Small Yuuki: 5
Large and small Meluna (middles are thinner, rims are thick, bases vary on stem type): 6
Small Mooncup UK: 7
Small Keeper Moon Cup: 7.5
Large Lunette: 8
Small Fleurcup: 8
Large Fleurcup: 8
Mpower: 9
Medium Meluna: 9.5
Keeper (I think only because its so thick): 10

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