My cup sits too low

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My cup sits too low Empty My cup sits too low

Post  LucasLeoMom on Tue Dec 17, 2013 4:50 pm

I have a Sckoon size 2 cup. I've had 2 natural child births and I'm over 35. This is my second period trying to use this cup but it sits so low, it's all I can feel. No matter how high I try to place it, it still falls down especially when I squat or bend over. I tried cutting the stem slightly but I'm afraid to trim too much. I have no problems with tampons falling out, even a regular tampon stays in with no problems. The cup never leaks and I have suction when I remove it. So I was wondering is the cup supposed to sit around the cervix? Do I need to do kegels? Is my cup too long for my body, should I try a different cup? Should I trim my stem more? Thanks for any advise!!


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