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Post  lenyg on Wed Jul 15, 2015 2:20 am

This is my first time using a Menstrual Cup, I purchased a Moon Cup from Wholefoods and finally got the chance to use it this cycle.

I keep getting a small amount of brown blood in my pantyliner and when I take the cup out there is a small collection of brown clotty blood around the ledge near the holes. I tried using a different fold and I make sure to turn the cup more than 360 degrees. I'm not experiencing any red blood leaks, and I've changed my cup at different hour intervals so I am very sure it's not because the cup is too full. I always make sure the holes are not clogged before putting it back on I even tried to rinse myself out after replacing my cup in the shower but still had a brown smudge on my pantyliner.

I am 24, never gave birth and using a size B Moon Cup.

What could I be doing wrong?
Should I consider using a different cup?


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