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Post  Guest on Wed Jun 23, 2010 10:23 am

I need to ask for some advice. This is my second cycle with a cup (yeah, it arrives on a very irregular basis) and the first time it went great. Everything worked perfectly. No leaks whatsoever except for one but then it was just a matter of that I wanted to see whether I'd been right when I'd thought that the cup hadn't popped up.

However, it's a bit different now. I've experienced sporadic leaks. My flow has definitely been heavier than usually but I don't actually think that's the reason. I can't find a connection between 'full cup' and 'leaks'. Because sometimes the cups not even close to full when it leaks and in other cases when the cup is almost full when I empty it, I haven't had leaks. I'm quite sure the cup pops open because the edges feel smooth when it's positioned. It's like the blood runs along the side of the cup instead of ending up in the cup. But why?

I'm virgin and that's why I chose the small Lunette. In the beginning I remember how I had problems with inserting the cup but it's not that difficult anymore. Could I need the large size after all or what? confused

Would be really happy if someone could help me!

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Post  Melissa569 on Wed Jun 23, 2010 3:03 pm

Small Lunette is a little softer. I find that with softer cups, its better tot ake a little extra time in getting its position just right, and getting the cup settled well. It sounds to me like its just an angle trick, if you had a period where it worked perfectly well. Otherwise, I woudl probably suggest that the cervix might be crowding up space in the cup, but It hink if that were the case, you likely would have leaked the first cycle too...

This is what I do, I hope it helps:

1. Keep one of the holes inside the fold crease during insertion, to help it stay exposed to air longer so it can pop open better. If all the holes are pressed against skin, it can't pop open so good.

2. If you can, try to keep one finger just inside the fold crease, and help guide it open slowly. The more slowly it opens, the more time it has to draw in air, and the more complete the seal will be.

3. Sometimes you can let a little too much air in, so once its totally popped open and sealed, you can pinch the base and let a little bit of the air dribble out, but not enough to collapse the cup. This kind of gives it a light suction. Too much air can cause air bubbles during bleeding, and that "may" cause extra "residual blood" .

4. Once the cup is in place, I like to settle it even more, by moving it just slightly-- front, back, left, right-- a few times. That sort of helps to get your cervix int he correct position inside the cup, and better nestle the rim into a good, sealed position. Some people do this by "spinning" the cup, but of coruse, not everybody can do that. Sometimes if your cervix is just barely restin on the rim, it can cause blood to dribble down the outside of the cup, so its good to help it go inside (if it tends to move down lower, that is).

Let me know if any of that helps...


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