Menstrual blood has the power to save life

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Menstrual blood has the power to save life Empty Menstrual blood has the power to save life

Post  cellecell on Fri Dec 10, 2010 7:02 am

A very new discovery in the world of human science has shaken the world. We are aware of the fact that the stem cells can cure fatal diseases. Actually, stem cells contain white blood cell, which if injected will repair the dying or the dead cells. The stems cells have the power to regenerate. They are at times even called the building blocks of the body. The undifferentiated cells, which can differentiate into specialized cell types, are called stem cells. Stem cells can be broadly divided into two parts, embryo stem cells and adult stem cells. Further, there are majorly three types of stem cells; they are Hematopoietic stem cells, Mesenchymal stem cells and Endothelial stem cells. We came to know that the blood in the umbilical cord hold enough stem cells. Hence, arrangements were made to store and preserve the blood.

Keeping all these beside, the youngest experiments have showed that the menstrual blood is also rich in stem cells. Further, it can also cure fatal diseases. There are several advantages of the menstrual blood. They are available in abundance and they can be used to treat without the fear of tissue rejection. Further the ethical groups does not raise question on destruction of embryonic stem cells. The blood has can be of immense help for stroke and other diseases too.

In this article we will see the different opinions about the usage of menstrual blood by experts across the world. Dr. Cesar Borlongan, co-principal investigator and a USF neuroscientist said: “Recent laboratory studies using animal models have shown transplanted menstrual blood-derived stem cells produced therapeutic effects following stroke” and "We will be testing the possibility that these cells promote the growth of blood vessels and neurons that can aid in brain repair following stroke." Dr. Borlogan, consultant of Saneron-CCEL said: "Our long-term goal is to advance the clinical application of self-donor (autologous) cell therapy for stroke". He also added: "Menstrual blood offers an adult stem cell alternative that circumvents the ethical and logistical limitations of embryonic stem cells and their retrieval offers greater ease, and with a wider window of opportunity for harvest than other adult stem cells" Researchers say that the menstrual blood is wonderful and plentiful resource of stem cells. Actually the blood collected from an umbilical cord is not enough for an adult. Hence the menstrual blood can be very useful. Though it has not yet been tried on human and only tested in the laboratories. Nicole Kuzmin-Nichols, who is the co principal investigator and CEO of Saneron is of the view that: "This project is a natural extension of ongoing collaborative research efforts between Saneron, USF, and Cryo-Cell over the last 10 years. The menstrual blood-derived stem cells provide a renewable source of adult stem cells that is easily obtainable". He even said: "This study was designed as a proof of concept study, that when combined with other ongoing studies may lay the foundation for a future clinical trial using these cells as a potential therapy for stroke patients." Dr. Julie Allickson said: "Menstrual blood-derived stem cells have already demonstrated significant promise in preclinical studies to treat a variety of conditions".

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Menstrual blood has the power to save life Empty Re: Menstrual blood has the power to save life

Post  Melissa569 on Fri Dec 10, 2010 9:30 am

If this is true, then perhaps some people won't see menstrual blood as such a negative thing Smile

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