The New Femmecup (video, review, photos)

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The New Femmecup (video, review, photos) Empty The New Femmecup (video, review, photos)

Post  Admin on Fri Feb 11, 2011 7:17 pm

Hello all,

First I want to thank Teresa from Femininewear for giving many of us the heads up about the new Femmecup model!

I emailed the company and asked them for a sample of the new model (they did give me a sample of the old one nearly 2 years ago), so I could give every one a close look at all the new changes. So here we go:

I've updated my WordPress Femmecup review:

Updated the Femmecup photo Library:

And here is the link to the YouTube video, but I'm also going to embed it here int he post:


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