Size 1 Diva Cup + bag for sale

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Size 1 Diva Cup + bag for sale

Post  LambClowder on Sat Feb 16, 2013 8:30 am

I have a size 1 Diva Cup with uncut stem + original bag for sale.

I purchased it in college, just put it in for fit once or twice, and never felt comfortable, so I switched to GladRags shortly after that and never actually used the Diva Cup during my period. I left the Diva Cup in my shower after trying it on and it got some hard water spots, and then when I moved, I tossed it and the bag inside a box, where it has sat for probably the last 7 or so years! I had no idea this community existed, so when I ran across it, I got the Diva out, washed it in warm soapy water, then boiled it for 10 minutes under close watch as per the instructions on the website. I also washed its little pouch in a lingerie bag in the laundry, so it's ready to go.

To summarize: never worn, uncut stem, original bag, washed, and ready for sell. I did a Google search and I see that the Diva Cup is way cheaper now than it was when I bought one, and since this is seemingly "used" (though not really), I'm asking for $12 OBO. If we could do this through PayPal, I think it might be easiest, but I'm open to other options.


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