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Post  tink1382 on Sat Sep 07, 2013 3:01 pm

I am 30, a virgin (yes very unusual ) Shocked , and cup newbie. I have bought myself a Femmecup after reading different reviews and guidance on different types, sizes etc. Im not currently on my period but read that you can practice using your cup even when this is the case. I inserted it without difficulty using a 7 fold? but never managed to get it to feel comfortable - in fact it hurt the more i pushed it in, or to open and when i removed it it hurt like hell!!! Crying or Very sad As it never opened i assume suction wasn't the problem although it FELT like it was sucking my insides out and when i did finally remove it there was quite a bit of clear/cream discharge in it, I felt like the rim got stuck somehow above my virginal opening which may be todo with my lack of stretchiness? I didn't think i was going to be able to get the thing out at one point and was on the verge of panic envisioning desperate (highly embarrassing!) phonecalls to family/friends/medical professionals. I did finally get it out and was VERY sore for a couple of hours although there was no blood or anything so nothing tore etc.
Ive read about breaking the seal and baring down and tipping the cup and believe i was attempting to do these things. I am VERY nervous about using it at this point as i dont know how to prevent the same experience next time but dont want to give up my cup so quickly. I do have issues with penetration and i was AMAZED when i managed to insert my first successful tampon but am now a complete convert. Pads are so GROOOOOSS!
Any help would be so appreciated!
Cheers! Smile 


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Removal issues Empty Re: Removal issues

Post  StarSapphire on Thu Jan 02, 2014 7:14 pm

The cream/clear liquid is your natural vaginal lubricant. That is normal and what is typically discharged onto your panties.

For removal, try angling the base of the cup so it's no coming down but toward your pubic bone, all the way to the front. Like you're tipping the cup while still inside. That should allow you to break the seal along a portion of the rim so you're not fighting suction, which will make it more uncomfortable to remove.


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