Can't insert my cup properly!

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Can't insert my cup properly! Empty Can't insert my cup properly!

Post  Brella Panther on Tue Oct 29, 2013 5:47 am

Hello to all.

I am quite young (only 14!) and I have recently got my cup. To tell the truth I am quite excited about using it instead of pads or tampons regularly. I have succesfully inserted and taken out my cup before without my period (or so I thought) so I decided to try and use it while I was swimming. Unfortunately near the end of my lesson it kind of felt like it was leaking and so I hurridly went to the toilet to see what was happening. It turns out it was leaking so I quickly took it out. It was very full. I thought it could of been overflowing but I had only inserted it a couple of hours before. I think my cup sits quite low because when it's inside me I can push it down with my muscles. I have tried putting it up further but it simply doesn't want to move. Even if I successfully get it up after a while it comes back down again.Sad 
When it is inserted, I am never fully sure that it is open. It seem to be squished very flat because the bottom is quite oval and flat. Also I can never seem to take it out without spilling anything when I have had it in for quite a few hours. Although if I insert it and then take it out after a few minutes it comes out perfectly! Maybe when I take it out, I squeeze it so much that the liquid goes back out? Should I wait a few years before I try the cup again? I don't know really it's just some theories.

Anyway I better end it here, I tend to ramble quite a bit and I can never seem to get my thoughts organized. If you have any advice for me please post!Very Happy

P.S Tonight I'm going to try wear it to bed. I think it'll be a lot less risky than wearing it to school! Ahh the comforts of home.Sleep 

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Can't insert my cup properly! Empty RE: CAN'T INSERT MY CUP PROPERLY!

Post  estoyjanedoe on Thu Oct 31, 2013 3:34 pm

My cup also sits pretty low, I insert it as high as possible, but that's only so high. If you said it was really full, then they can leak. If it's full up to the little airholes near the top, then it will leak. It can also leak if it doesn't "pop" open correctly. I use The Keeper, which I hear is one of the more firm options. I have only once had it not pop open immediately. What I hear is a good idea is that after inserting, to rotate the cup around at least 1/4 turn, maybe closer to 3/4 or a full turn around, so that it has a chance to finish opening up - the bottom should be pretty round once it's open.

It doesn't sound like it's sitting TOO low to me, you should be able to push it down with your muscles. It does sound like it might not be open all the way though. What fold are you using to insert? I have found the push-down fold to be easiest to me to get it in far enough easily and to have it pop open fully.

It also sounds to me like you might have a somewhat heavy flow (which I just don't anymore - thanks to the pill), which could mean that you might need to empty it slightly more often. From what I can gather, if you used a super tampon/pad before and changed every 4 hours, you might still have to empty cup every 6-7 hours, but that's just a guess to me.

It does take practice to empty it without spilling. You have to make sure to squeeze the bottom long enough to feel/hear the suction break, then use fingers/muscles to very very slowly remove it and pour out. If it's not open all the way in the first place, it would definitely make removal more...messy.

I'm still pretty new to this too, but I'm still super excited. Hopefully that helps.

How did your overnight go?


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